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Boston's own LouBands is a CEO & Artist to his own Record Label Bando E.N.T. He started the company officially in 2021 but has musical work dating back from 2017. From Boston, Lou was self taught about the Hip hop world since resources were limited. Growing up in the church Lou grew with soulful feel for music and took the approach of being a Melodic Rapper to show his vocal range as well as his rapping skills. He dropped popular hits such as "Movie Lit" & "What a Day," in his previous project called Bando Wave. He had also featured with up and coming artist throughout the years as well and appeared at shows in Boston such as BNN TV and other Boston venues where he also opened a show for the artist, "DaBaby." Currently, Lou handled his business this past spring 2021 by dropping his anticipated 

EP, Equity.

This project was made during 2020 as everyone had tough times, Lou as well had to learn the hard way in his music venture. From smooth vibes to spitting bars. This EP showed another side of LouBands as he develops his craft, "there's still more to come."



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