"LouBands" was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. As the youngest of three, Lou always had the ambitions to be above and beyond in his life as well as in his career. However, living in the hood of Boston did not make it easy. A dream of success he knew would not come overnight.



​ Lou started rapping at the age of 13; however, due to his many family issues and getting kicked out at the age of 15, he learned some things were more important than others at a young age. Lou had attended a church with a choir which was a huge part in part in his life and kept him out of trouble but still with issues. Lou dropped his first single in 2017, My Connect is Felicia. It was the beginning of his journey and he later on dropped his first E.P. as well, BAND$. It was a collective project to show his range of work from the melodic singing and rapping to his unique beats he acquired from many Boston producers. Today, LouBands continues to grow and produce more music optimistic saying,"Success is around the corner."

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